Medics have two roles here in the server. The first role is to heal people, so their HP is restored to 100%. You can do that with anyone inside an Ambulance. The other role is coroner work. Medics will often receive radio reports of deceased people. They must get to the locations of these deceased people and recover their corpses, and deliver those to the pathology labs in SF Medical Center. The reward for bringing each corpse is $300. You can go on medic duty in a hospital.


Drivers handle all the public transport. They give rides in taxis, buses, planes etc. They make money by charging a certain fee every 15 seconds, as long as there is a passenger in their vehicle. You can go on driver duty in a train station.


Firemen are responsible for keeping the people safe from the dangers of fires. Quite frequently vehicles that explode will provoke a larger fire, that will need to be extinguished by the Fire Department. Firemen must approach the burning vehicle and use the Fire Extinguisher to extinguish the flames and cool the vehicle down. Do note that firemen are immune to fire due to their protective suits, however they are subject to the hazards of firefighting and will eventually need to get healed by the medics. To become a fireman, visit a fire station.


These are responsible for the supplying of the city's businesses. When a business property is running low on stock for a certain product, its owner can order its resupply. This is where deliverymen come into action. When a order is processed, deliverymen must collect the cargo from one of the State Warehouses across the map. The first deliveryman to arrive at the location gets to deliver the load. After they get it, they must deliver it to the business that requested resupply. Once the deliver is done, deliverymen get a reward in the range of $1000-2000. To work as a deliveryman, visit the State Delivery HQ, behind SFFD, in Doherty, San Fierro.

Police Officer

Police officers are full members of the Argonath RPG Police Department (ARPD), and have the task of ensuring that the laws are being respected and the people are safe. They are equipped with weapons and are granted authority by the laws. To become an ARPD Officer, you must have a passport (obtained at SF City Hall) and pass with 100% score in a test about police work knowledge. For more info on the police work, see the ARPD section in this panel.