General commands

- Lists the online admins
/loc [name]
- Show a player's location
/pm [name] [text]
- Sends a private message
- Toggle private messages on/off
/send [name] [amount]
- Sends money to a nearby player
/wire [name] [amount]
- Sends money to the bank account of a nearby/distant player
/crime [name]
- View a player's crimes
/changenick [newnick] [newpass]
- Changes your nickname
/changepass [newpass]
- Changes your password
/report [name] [reason]
- Report a rulebreaker to admins
/activity [full name]
- See somebody's date of registration and total time spent playing
/w [text]
- Local chat (2.5 meter range)
/l [text]
- Local chat (15 meter range)
/s [text]
- Local chat (60 meter range)
/me [text]
- Local 3rd person chat (30 meter range)
/chatmode [mode] (local/radio/public)
- Changes the type of message that will be sending default messages to the chatbox
/givegun [name] [ammo]
- Gives a player some ammo of the weapon you are holding
-> Note: if the target player does not have a copy of the same weapon, you will give them your own
- Disposes of the weapon you are holding
/ad [text]
- Sends an advertisement of max 100 characters. Price: 100$ fixed fee + $1/character
- Shows online members of the government
- Shows online members of the justice system
- Enables/disables GUI cursor and input in case of problems
- Opens/closes a custom door. Will work only if you are within range and have the required permission.

Property commands

/propname [newname]
- Rename your property
- Buy the property you are in
- Sell a property you own
- Lock/unlock your property
- Opens the business management menu
- Opens the house management menu
- Buy items sold at the property you are in

Object commands:

/useobj [1 or 2]
- Spawns/despawns a special object in your character's possession
/dumpobj [1 or 2]
- Disposes of one of the objects in your possession
- Deploy a Hydra flare on the ground, if you have one. Lasts for 10 minutes
- Activate oxygen tank (if you have one) which will recharge your breath while in the water. Small tank lasts 2 minutes, medium tank lasts 4 minutes and large tank lasts 6 minutes.
- Roll a dice. The dice must be bought from a special item shop.

Vehicle commands

- Set your vehicle to always spawn at the position it is currently in
/givevehicle [name]
- Give the ownership of your vehicle to someone else

Drugs commands

- Collect weed/LSD at a distribution spot
- Use weed/LSD in your possession
- Give somebody units of weed/LSD

Communication commands

/t [text]
- Send a message in civilian radio
/talkfrequency [frequency]
- Set your civilian radio to a certain frequency
- Turn your civilian radio off. Set it to a frequency to turn it back on

Fierro FIVE commands

/buyticket [number 1] [number 2] [number 3] [number 4] [number 5]
- Buy a ticket for Fierro FIVE. Max 5 tickets are allowed. Costs $250.

Global job commands

/r [text]
- Send a message in the job's specific radio channel

Emergency job commands

/e [text]
- Send a radio message visible for police, medics and firemen

Police commands

/su [name] [reason]
- Make somebody wanted by the police
/unsu [name] [reason]
- Make somebody no longer wanted
-> Available for all policemen: unsuspect a person who was suspected by you
/m [text]
- Local chat for PD, EMS & FD vehicles (70 meter range)
/jail [name]
- Imprison a wanted player

Medic commands

/heal [name]
- Restore a player's health to 100%