D dealers

Drug dealer NPCs in RP2.0

In RP2.0, drugs are supplied by interactive NPCs. There is one that sells weed, and another one who sells LSD. Each of them spawns at a coordinate which is randomly picked from a pool of locations. They have no radar blip nor nametag but will talk to whoever approaches them.

If you find one of these NPCs, simply approach them and talk to them accordingly through local chat (/L). If you answer everything correctly, you will be able to purchase either weed or LSD. After that, the NPC will despawn and will spawn again in another location after 30 minutes. There is, however, a chance that they will spawn in the place they were last found in.

Do notice that the NPCs might change their behaviour in the presence of law enforcement. The old /collectdrugs system is no longer present.


In addition, another non-player character was introduced to give hints on where the drug dealers are currently located. This was implemented due to the reason that many players found parts of existing system too confusing.

This NPC requests a small amount of cash for his services; he wears a white Rockstar hoody and blue jeans. He currently resides in south San Fierro.